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Chocolate Bonbons on a White Chocolate Heart Shaped Plate

Chocolate Bonbons on a White Chocolate Heart Shaped Plate

I love making chocolates. There was a moment in my life that I was entirely dedicated to chocolate – as a hobby, of course – to the extent that I must’ve made and (ate) a ton of chocolates. I was also in the habit of giving boxes of chocolate to everyone around this time. Every time there was a party in my house I would spend the whole day making thousands of chocolates and decorative sweets.

Since Valentine’s Day is almost here, I want to show you how to make these cute and easy chocolates to surprise your loved ones or to share in the office. I recently did the same! I prepared the chocolates and took them to a reunion at work, no one could resist these adorable little chocolate hearts, and they were gone in minutes! A gesture this small could turn you into kind of person everyone loves, and who doesn’t like feeling like a star?


1 lb of dark chocolate

1 lb of white chocolate

1 lb of milk chocolate


Prepare the molds for the chocolates: clean with cotton dipped in alcohol and let dry completely.

Chop the dark chocolate and leave in a container.

Place the container in a pot with hot water without submerging the container entirely; the chocolate will melt as if double boiled.

Chop the white chocolate and melt the same way as the dark chocolate.

Repeat with the milk chocolate.

Pour the white chocolate into the heart shaped mold. Let cool for a few minutes. There should only be a thin layer in the mold. Let cool until very firm.

Pour the three different melted chocolates into the bonbon molds, let cool until firm. To remove from the mold, flip the chocolates upside down and gently tap against the counter. The chocolates will loosen and come out.

Place the bonbons on the white chocolate heart dish.

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